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Heckler & Koch P7M13
Mag. Cap.
Barrel Length
Overall Length
Height Width Across Grips
Weight w/o Magazine
Sight Radius
Blue, Nickel
9 x 19mm
1.87 lbs.

The P7M13 is a 9mm pistol similar to the P7M8 except it has a double-stack Magazine that holds 13 rounds.  This gives it a wider grip similar to the P7M10.

Further manufacture of the 13 round magazines is banned in the USA.  The P7M10 magazine is still legal to manufacture and is almost identical.  It can be used in the P7M13 filled with 13 rounds of 9mm vs. the 10 rounds of .40 SW it is designed for.

The M13 debuted in 1982 with prototype serial numbers from 001 to 059.  Production serial numbers as of January, 1993 run from 71101 M13 to 89600 M13.  The P7M13 is still in production as of 3/00, but US sales are limited to law enforcement only due to the magazine capacity.

The P7M13 has a gas-retarded action and a polygon bore barrel.

If you've heard that P7M10 magazines fit the P7M13, click here for some details.

Operator's Manual for P7 Pistols (English)

Heckler & Koch P7M13 Technical Manual for Dealer / Factory Maintenance

P7M13 Photo Gallery & Variants

First, some images of standard P7M13's

Serial Number 001!  (above)


In 1983, H&K designed a variant for the Mexican Government, who had asked for an external safety.  It was designed with an external sliding safety on the right side of the frame as shown below.  Sliding it to the rear revealed a white 0.  Sliding it forward covered the 0 and left the red 1 visible.  The DIM on the left grip panel stands for "Depto. Ind. Mil", and is stamped on the left side of the slide as well.  The serial series for this version was 10000 to 13000.


P7M13SD.  Extended barrel threaded for sound suppressor, from factory.


This version is designed to accurately shoot through a windshield.  It is equipped with extended sights and a barrel extension that couples with the windshield component to allow shooting through the glass.


This used to be a P7M13:

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