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Heckler & Koch P7M13 Magazines

There are quite a few experts out there that state categorically that the P7M10 magazine is identical to the P7M13 magazine.  They all come off the same identical production line, some get stamped "P7M10", some get stamped "P7M13."

This would be a valuable fact to know, because while further manufacture or import of the 13 round P7M13 magazine is banned in the USA, the 10 round P7M10 magazine can still be imported.

The truth is they are simply not identical, it just ain't so.  Yes, the P7M10 magazine will "work" in a P7M13, but then again a penny will "work" in a fuse panel.  (And, yes, we've found a pet peeve of mine.)

First off, the followers are of a completely different design.  Take a look at the image below:

Again, look at the followers below.  The P7M13 follower actually sticks out beyond the magazine lips.

Also note the rib is of a different width and design, shown with red lines above.  The experts tell me they are just manufactured at different times -- but I've never seen an M10 magazine with a narrow rib, nor a M13 with a wide

The magazine does not taper at the end in the same way at all.  See the images below where I have highlighted this area in yellow.

The feed lips are longer on the P7M13 than they are on the P7M10, I've marked them in red above.

And, last (of what I know) there is an extra hole in the P7M10 magazines, which can clearly be seen above.  This has a follower stop which can also be seen.  The P7M13 follower is stopped by the magazine lips.  I'm told by my readers that "extra hole" shows up on some modern manufacture P7M13 marked magazines.

I do own several of the P7M10 magazines, and they all feed flawlessly in my P7M13, so maybe it's no big deal.  One expert recommended the P7M10 magazine for practice only, might be a good compromise.

So, bottom line, go ahead and use the P7M10's if you wish, they work fine for me at the range.  But don't buy they are identical, and I'd have at last one "real" magazine to keep in the gun if you ever depend on your life with it.


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