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Heckler & Koch P7M8
Mag. Cap.
Barrel Length
Overall Length
Height Width Across Grips
Weight w/o Magazine
Sight Radius
Blue, Nickel, Two-Tone
9 x 19mm
1.75 lbs.

The P7M8 is a 9mm pistol and the most common of the P7 family, and is still in production as of 3/00.  It has a single-stack Magazine that holds 8 rounds.

The P7M8 has a gas-retarded action and a polygon bore barrel.

Above is a P7M8 refinished in Tripp Research's satin hard-chrome finish called Cobra ChromeTM.

Above is a "refurbished" law enforcement trade-in.  You can tell by the milled area (upper image) where the original owner's  markings were.  The slide is then refinshed, but tends to come out a bit more plum colored than the black of the frame.  They do tend to work just fine, have had any worn internal parts replaced.

Operator's Manual for P7 Pistols (English)

Heckler & Koch P7M13 Technical Manual for Dealer / Factory Maintenance (Some parts relevant for the M8)


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