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Heckler & Koch P7M7
Mag. Cap.
Barrel Length
Overall Length
Height Weight
Blue, Nickel
.45 ACP
The P7M7, the Mystery Pistol!  Rare as as an intelligent thought from Senator Schumer of New York!  Never placed into production, I have heard all different versions of its story.  Don't believe what follows too seriously.

The best number I have is 6 were produced in 1983.  The serial numbers ranged from 001M7 to 006M7.  The gun in the pictures is serial number 004M7.  I was once told Don Johnson had a real one from them in the show Miami Vice.  The only other thing I know was it had a Magazine that held 7 rounds single-stack.

There is a discrepancy in the photo below.  The date code "IF" indicated a manufacture date of 1985, yet all sources lead me to believe they were made in 1983.

The gas retarding mechanism did not work for this caliber, so it was replaced with an expensive hydraulic buffer unit.  This made the gun too expensive to market.

Heckler & Koch usually shows one in their booth at trade shows.

Much of what you see here was borrowed from the HKPRO site, which also has a picture of a nickel P7M7!

P7M7 Other Side


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