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The Perplexing Puzzle of the Partially Purple P7 Pistols

A number of pistols are available as HK Rebuilt or HK Refurbished.

They all have a milling mark on the right side of the slide:

Research indicates this mark was removed from the slide prior to export from Germany:

I am told BWB means the German "Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung" which translates to "Federal Bureau of Military Technical Procurement."  It also could be "Bundeswehr Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung" which transaltes to "Federal Armed Forces Defense Technology and Procurement", as the Germans refer to their armed forces as the Bundeswehr.

The claim is made that "HK" has overhauled them, but it isn't clear what portion of HK in what country did the work.  Wherever it was done, the side had an ordinary gun bluing finish applied.  Sometime, as in the image above, it gets close to black but never looks like the frame finish.  Sometimes, especially in a strong light, it looks almost purple:

This makes the gun almost a two-tone, and the slide finish will wear off the sharp corners pretty quickly.

This doesn't make these guns undesirable -- just know it for what it is and don't pay a new-gun price for it. 

Spotting Refinished Guns
Note the Proof Marks, Date Mark, and Serial Number in this picture are all shiny, bare steel.  This is because they are applied by the proofing house after the gun has been completed and finished by HK.  The serial number was also applied last by HK, and is also bare steel.  If those marks are not shinny as in this image, the gun has been refinished (or the owner put a dab of cold bluing on them)..

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